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BABYPLANNER is a division of EUROSCIENCE –  a scientific Research and Development Company. We have been in the scientific business about 40 years. Since 1976 we have been involved in baby gender prediction technologies. Since then we have conducted much successful research and today we are extremely proud of our achievements. Euroscience's chief scientist, Sam Belkin, developed a new Energy Exchange method based on an old postulate of the continuous energy "quid pro quo" in Nature. This method allows mathematical modeling of the human reproductive system and accurately predicts its behavior and out-comes. 


          Most of our research has been devoted to two major concepts: determination of the best time to conceive a healthy baby and choosing or defining a future baby gender. 


          The first task is very important because the wrong time of intercourse can lead to problems with the baby's health or pregnancy complications.  Unfortunately, traditional gynecology has only one tool to determine the ovulation moment – ultrasonography and even this sophisticated procedure cannot catch all ovulation times.


          It has been scientifically prove that most important "spontaneous ovulations" can be accurately predicted with mathematical calculations. Today, only a handful of specialists in the world are able to perform such analysis. We are very proud that our proprietary algorithms are among the most accurate.


          This means that we can provide you with the optimum time to conceive a healthy baby.


The second task of baby gender prediction is far more complicated than conception time exploration. In the past different technologies were developed and used. For instance, ancient Chinese tables, blood exchange rhythms, astrological charts and even black magic were utilized. We carefully researched these known methods and found that none can guarantee reliable results.


Among scientific methods, one the well-known MicroSort technology. Method provides only about 80% efficiency and requires physical manipulations of the sperm. Additionally nobody knows for sure how it will affect the sperm.


Fortunately our Energy Exchange method allows accurate mathematical modeling of both partner's reproductive systems and predicts the gender of a future baby with proven unprecedented accuracy of 97.5%. To our knowledge we are the only company in the world who has achieved such results.


          Our goal was to develop a method, allowing us to performing all necessary analyses from a distance at an affordable cost and we accomplished this task.  Today, it is possible to plan conception and baby gender at a cost less than one consultation with a fertility specialist or even one ultrasonography analysis. Our method is purely natural. It is totally drug- and risk-free and does not cause any side-effects or health problems.


          We have developed an individual analysis proven to help women have a healthy baby of a desired gender.



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