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†††† Selection or determination of baby gender is an important part of the family planning process. Technically it is more complicated than calculating the optimal time of conception. Predicting baby gender can only be done with mathematical modeling of the Energy Exchange of the partnersí reproductive systems and defining the optimal state of these systems.

†††† Many processes are running simultaneously in the human body and most of them are cyclical (occurring after the same number of days each period). As more physical processes are factored in, the model will more accurately predict the future babyís gender.

†††† An example of mathematical modeling of partnersí reproductive systems is shown below. Here, the red line shows possible times for spontaneous ovulation, the green line for ordinary ovulation, and the blue line for the peak of sperm activity. The ideal situation is when both types of ovulation and the manís fertility peak coincide.The period of likely male conception is shown in blue, whereas the period for female conception is shown in pink. The resulting projection is plotted; on the horizontal axis all the days of the month are present, with each vertical line corresponding to 12:00 noon. The vertical axis is the probability of conceiving a baby with the given gender.

†††† To find the probability, one needs to imagine a vertical line running from the day of interest to the curve. Then imagine a horizontal line from this point to the left axis, which gives us the probability.

†††† In this example, on the evening of August 7, 2003, the probability of conceiving a boy will be about 86%.


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