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Since time immemorial, people have strived to get the best result in different fields and used planning to achieve their goal. For the hunt to be successful, knowledge about the method must be used. To have a bountiful harvest, it is necessary to plan what should be sown, when, how to prepare the land, and so on.


Similarly, in family planning the right spouse, and the best time to conceive are paramount. Even ancient people understood that it was not enough to allow the sperm to meet egg. Many believed that God’s will, in the form of cosmic energy, should participate in the miracle of conception. People erected cult edifices for such purposes. These structures had special holes in the roof. When the patron star appeared in the hole, it was considered the best moment to conceive a healthy heir. Special rooms in the famous Egyptian pyramids, designed for the conception of the Emperor’s progeny, are examples of such edifices.


The well-known Greek philosopher Plato wrote almost 2500 years ago in his “Republic” that the moment of conception is very important for having healthy descendants.  Egyptian manuscripts tell us the same by describing conception as a predetermined manifestation of God’s will. Priests calculated these moments with high accuracy (within one minute) by using the movements of planet and “cosmic rhythms” (the cycles of planet behavior).  Today, Royal and other elite families use conception planning to guarantee healthy heirs.


Contemporary science allows us to plan our families more accurately than ancient people did.  We developed the Energy Exchange method, which allows us to mathematically model the behavior of the human reproductive system.  This method is well established and has been used for many years. The accuracy is very high: up to 97.5%.  That corresponds to about one mistake in 40 cases!


The three main tasks of family planning are:


  1. Defining the best time to conceive healthy baby,
  2. Selection or determination of baby gender,
  3. Contraception.


Our method can also be used to diagnose supposed infertility, establish paternity, and other cases.


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