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An Energy Exchange Method of Conception and Gender Planning


   By Sam Belkin

The right timing for conception is extremely crucial for the birth of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Even ancient peoples knew methods of determining the best time for conception.  Almost 2500 years ago, Plato wrote about this in his “Republic,” and the Egyptian pyramids have been found to contain special rooms for conception.  These rooms contain a special opening in the ceiling through which one can see an area of the night sky.  The appearance of an appropriate star in this opening would indicate the best moment for the conception of an heir.  In our time, more precise determination of the optimal time for conception has become possible with the help of analysis, based of the accomplishments of the sciences, such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, genetics, and mathematics. 



The development and behavior of living organisms on Earth is determined not only by the laws of medicine or biology but also by other factors.  We are constantly under the influence of various meteorological changes, the forces and distribution of gravitational and electromagnetic fields, the position of the Earth relative to other planets, as well as other phenomena still unknown to science.  The key to understanding the many processes lies in the utilization of all available areas of human knowledge.


When scientists research natural events, they almost always factor in the effect of energy distribution.  They consider such occurrences as what kind of forces influence a ship at sea or an airplane in the sky, a rocket rising to space and so on. Scientists are constantly striving to find accurate mathematical models to describe the object under study. After creating such models it is possible to predict the behavior of the ship or the plane in different situations with accuracy.


The energy exchange is well known and has been used in engineering for a long time. In medicine and biology, scientists use fewer energy criteria for analysis. It is easily understandable since this is not their field, and they subconsciously avoid using engineering methods for research. But everybody agrees that energy distribution of forces and fields have a significant affect on everything on Earth.


Let’s represent the earth as an energy system, which is part of a bigger energy system – the solar system. The latter is part of an even bigger system – the galaxy. The processes inside these systems dramatically affect one another, including earth. These external factors determine internal events on earth and affect live organisms much more than people think. Clearly, energy phenomena must be considered when medical and biological issues are studied and described.


We incorporate these principles in our analysis of the human reproductive system, and we have developed an energy model that allows us to predict the state of the reproductive process and how it affects the gender of a future baby. The mathematical equations that describe energy distribution inside the body turn out to be very similar to the equations describing other well-known systems. This again confirms the known philosophical principle of Similarity in Nature. For instance Ohm’s law, in the field of electrical engineering, is very similar to Hooke’s law in mechanics.  There many such examples between different scientific fields.


Another example of similarity in Nature, more related to humans, is the coincidence of woman’s menstrual and lunar cycles. There are many different cycles in the human reproductive system. Some of them are linked to certain astronomical cycles, other are shorter and equal to biological cycles. Everything is interdependent in Nature and the functioning of our body is tightly correlated with the calendar, energy distribution around us, planet positions and many other natural factors. Taking into account as many factors as possible allows us to obtain a high accuracy of analysis.


The most important task in family planning is determining the optimal moment for conception. The Energy method allows us to determine not only the time for ordinary ovulation, but also for "spontaneous ovulation" caused by planets and other factors. There turns out to be more opportunities for a woman to conceive than most people think. Selecting the right moment of conception can improve the chances of having a healthy baby and a problem-free pregnancy. It is especially important to know fertility days in cases of unexplained infertility. In such cases, as well as with a poor sperm count, analysis can dramatically increase the chances of conception. According to research, in cases of unexplained infertility, fertility optimization allows about 20% of couples to conceive during the first year and about 33% during the first two years reach the goal.


Our model has been well tested with real married couples, as well as by retrospective analysis, in which we calculated the gender of the children and then compared the prediction with reality.  In retrospective analysis, the moment of conception is calculated by working backwards the date of birth, and consequently can be determined within two to three weeks, assuming the conditions of a normal pregnancy.  This retrospective technique has an overall theoretical accuracy of about 89%.  The Energy Exchange method shows an accuracy of 88.5%.  Collected practical results provide an accuracy of 97.5% for a three week period of conception. This number corresponds to one error in 40 cases.


The Energy Exchange method of modeling the human reproductive system for extended periods of time provides the best method for determining the optimum time to conceive, for baby gender selection and for contraception. It is absolutely safe because it neither uses medicine nor a physical influence on the body. Analysis provides the best time to conceive a healthy baby of desired gender. In addition, there is a far greater chance of having a healthy pregnancy, free from complications.


    © Euroscience, 2003 

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